Sending business emails to Yahoo

One of my clients manages a reasonably large mailing list of around 500 opt-in users, they used to be able to send their newsletter via ‘Outlook Express’ using the Bcc: field, their ISP has now blocked this practise for fear of spamming.

A few weeks ago we were able to get around this by sending emails to just 100 people at a time (rather than all 500 at once).

Now, more recently, they can’t even send emails to 50 users at a time from their real opt-in list, via Outlook Express, or Outlook 2007, or similar!

We then discovered that now emails sent in html (rather than plain text emails) were going through to yahoo users with blank content for the message body, and just the subject line showing, rather than of course the carefully composed message.

Through various tests, we’ve found the best option to send emails, in plain text only, using Parlour Design’s free ‘newsletter’ website add-in for existing and new clients.

This so far seems to get the emails straight through, to each user one at a time, and is certainly the best way to do it at the moment. Hopefully this will remain as successful, however, more research on the subject brings up the following message board:

So, the consensus seems to be very much: Switch your emails from yahoo, to gmail, hotmail, or ideally your own domain name (for just a few pound a year, with free online web-mail), and tell all your clients to do this too, otherwise, it’s highly likely key messages from your bank, travel agent, favourite web forums, etc. are all being deleted automatically without your knowledge!