Youtube and copyright infringement

With the huge popularity of YouTube, and of course the countless numbers of people adding backing music to virtually every video posted, I did wander how long it would take before something was done about all the music copyright infringement as such.

I now a few friends and colleagues that have had their videos removed without notice in the past, because of the backing music they’d used (ie Jive Bunny) Then today, I spotted this thread:

Essentially, as far as I can gather, rather than now removing the videos (although they still reserve that right) YouTube’s owner’s Google, now just place an advert next to each copyright infringement, and get a share of the revenue.

Of course the person who’s video/photos ‘support’ the music, don’t get a cut of the advertising revenue.. but at least you can add watermarks or scenes to the video to do your own advertising within your video if you so wish!