Why you can’t believe what you read in spam!

Had another one passed through today, from a company claiming to offer financial reports of the top 600 companies in that particular business sector, which included the client company they were emailing.

However, although this particular client has a limited company in the trading name, all of their trading actually went through a different company entirely, so the company details listed in the email, who was apparently performing in the top 600 of that industry (totalling tens of thousands across the UK), actually has the equivalent of a dormant company!

Would you think it’d be appropriate to provide money to a company starting off with this false information?

This is why it’s so important to not share your primary email addresses with mailing lists (or anyone who subsequently makes a mailing list out of your details).  Once you’re on the spammer’s list, there’s no escape from junk like the one above (apart from shutting the email address down entirely).