About Us

Parlour.IT (formerly ‘Parlour Design’), began like many small businesses as the requirement to fit a need.

Jason Parlour, the founder of Parlour.IT, first began building small websites back in 1996. The more websites he worked on, the greater word spread about his work, and the more websites he was asked to build.

We continue to grow, develop, and keep abreast of the newest technologies. Websites are always built to the highest standards available, whilst still using the most effective techniques, whatever they may be.

Our aim is to:

  • Keep the websites crisp and effective to view and navigate, regardless of the browser, or speed of access (particularly with the proliferation of mobile phone access at present).
  • Keep the main aim of the website in focus – i.e. to sell a product or provide information, not bombard the user with complex images or gadgets.
  • Keep the navigation intuitive, and provide a range of methods to find whatever the visitor may be interested in viewing.
  • Keep the website accessible – it’s always been important for all types of users to be able to access your website, on a variety of browser: in the present day however, this is even more important, both for web accessibility standards of the Disability Discrimination Act, and the variety of devices users can now browse websites whilst on the move (ie 3G handsets, low speed wireless, and of course mobile phones).

Extraordinary Prices:

We don’t see the need, or desire, to confuse people with complex requirements and high prices, simply because most of the people we work for don’t have the same understandings of web and graphic development as we do.

Our background is purely coded websites (built from scratch, in their source code, to your new design, without a range of the ‘web-design’ software that adds superfluous code). We know how websites work, how to code them, how to make them accessible to both humans and search engines, and how to make them look good. We call this “websites : empowered“.

There are of course a huge number of variables in website design & development. We also know that most people/companies don’t have the internet knowledge or massive budgets to ‘invest’ (rightly or wrongly) into wonderfully complex solutions.

  • If your idea is simple to build, it’ll be cheap and quick to make, and we’ll tell you so.
  • If your ideas prove to be complex to develop (and thus expensive), we’ll discuss with you how valuable the ideas really are (and therefore how worthwhile), and we’ll provide you with the best option for your requirements and budget. We’ll still be able to work with you though, however complex your ideas may be.
  • After all website developments, you get full control of your website, and all information contained. You can do this through access to all the files themselves, or through a simple to use Content Management System.
  • Of course we’ll still be on hand to help where you want us to, but we won’t tie you in with long contracts, or block you from doing what you want to do to your own website. Of course ‘with great power, comes great responsibility‘, so we have simple ways you can back up your entire site, before you try to make any changes, and we recommend you do this regularly for your own peace of mind.

Parlour.IT has grown:

Although Jason is still very heavily involved in developments and is likely to be your main point of contact, we now employ a wide number of specialists in various areas, both in the UK and NZ, carefully established over time, to do the stuff they do brilliantly!

Some of these staff include both Matt & Kate in graphic and print design (with their respective specialist areas), Danielle in development ideas, creativity and project development, Ray in particular aspects of graphic developments for his specialities. Plus there’s a host of specialist programmers, illustrators and music composers on hand as required.

Whether you’re looking for a cartoonist, printer, database specialist, printed media design, a new logo, unique photography, or any other ideas in your head; our clients regularly come back to us, asking to support some other aspect of their business. For this reason, Parlour Design has developed a network of some of the best in the business, to work directly with us for your requirements, at honest prices.

Do feel free to let us know what you’re looking for, and we can put you in contact directly, or speak to them on your behalf.

Further investments:

We continue to invest in new hardware, software, and training, to help ensure that all new websites and updates, make most of use of available technologies, whilst still being back compatible with all those a little bit behind the fast moving times.

Our webservers now include unlimited* hosting & bandwidth as standard, and a massive collection of extras to help run and manage your website more easily.

What have you invested in your online presence recently?