The new Photography website

We’re pleased to launch the new Photography website today.

This particular website required the user to very simply upload new photos to each of the portfolios, to make regular updates, as well as of course editing and updating their own blog, all within the same styling to the final user.

We’ve been able to achieve the simple photo uploads, directly from the user’s desktop (with Windows Live Photogallery), through the use of an existing Windows Live Spaces account the customer already had in their name.

The result is a quick to load, easy to view, simple sleek styling of the selection of images, with quick and easy contact details on each page, letting the photos bring the colour to each page.

The black border shading was inspired by some large format colour negatives we had, measuring the proportions of the edge to around 4% of the photo width, adding small watermarks to the edge, and then layering this behind the slideshow automatically.

Using this format also adds a certain amount of inherant protection to the images (ie flash slideshows are not as easy to grab screen captures of each image), but a basic copyright notice is also displayed on each page.

We hope you like it!