How can I improve my natural listing position on Google?

There are of course huge numbers of people claiming to be experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the largest Search Engine of all of course being Google.

However, the only real Google Experts, are those that actually work for Google right now.  They’re constantly trying to improve their search results, making them more intuitive to humans, and more like human rankings.

People will often find little loopholes on how to artificially improve your ranking position, with ‘black art’ techniques (things that will typically get your website blacklisted from Google, and therefore hidden entirely from view for at least 3 months).  So as I’ve mentioned before, do the things primarily for the human user.. and Google will follow.

So assuming that your website is already accessible to people with visual challenges (and therefore search engines can read it more easily too).. you’ve already made sure all your images have ‘alt’ text.. and of course you have lots of good readable text on each page (especially the homepage), etc.

Google likes a few key things in particular:

  • Old websites (so you must therefore be an ‘established’ business)
  • Websites with lots of good real content, related to the search terms (so you have something worth looking at, when the visitor gets there), especially content that’s updated, and added to regularly.
  • Lots of links to your website from other websites (meaning lots of people like it enough, to want to share it with other people)
So what is your speciality area?  If your business is about hair extensions, talk about it through your integrated blog.  Also, if you’re a geographically based business (ie in Reading), then talk about things going on locally too.

Typically, the more often you update your website, the more often Google (and others) will think it’s worth looking at, which means the higher up the natural search rankings you’ll appear.

So, for example, write about things related to hair extensions, or even anything to do with  hair!  i.e. your thoughts on the Royal wedding, any celebrities you see or know about with hair extensions in the press.. or even “if you’d like to have hair like ‘xxxx’ we have just the hair extensions for you”…  It doesn’t really matter what you blog about, just blog more!
If you can get your website talked about on related web forums (ie the types of forums your clients might read.. ie young mothers’ forums, rock, grunge, tattoo, etc..), with links back to your website, that will help too (try to keep it natural though, when mentioning your website).
You could also reply back on other people’s related blogs, with genuine comments (and links back to your website in the signature).  Any links through newspaper article websites, or the BBC would of course be very good for your natural search ranking.
Having a Facebook Group for your business, that people can ‘like’ is of course also a very popular choice these days, with links back to your website (and photos on your Facebook page too of course).
You could also try shooting a video of you doing what you do best.  Put this on YouTube.. and this can then also help a lot with rankings too (as Google owns YouTube, and seems to really like links from popular videos back to related websites).
All of the above should essentially be free!