The following are just a few examples of the clients we’ve been working with:

The Therapy Agency (Package 3)

The Therapy Agency™
– This extensive website of over 600 pages of content, required a complete rebuild from it’s first significant online development in 2003.
This website was originally built in a complex format of ‘nested tables’ by another company, with styling that began to look dated quite quickly.

Each page therefore required extraction of all content, new copy written to support a variety of page formats (including adhering to the new design regulations imposed by the Therapy Agency). The redesign also adheres to accessibility standards, and is ‘future proof’ with complete designs of the layout, responsible in just a very small number of CSS files.

This is a hard coded website, without using external editors. It readjusts its display automatically based on the device used (regular browsers, phones, or printing), and still receives significant web traffic.

Purity Studio (Package 3)

Purity Studio
– Jolene was another client, coming to us with a very dated website and logo that represented her from previous years, but didn’t reflect her new way of working.

Through working with us, Jolene gained a complete redesign of her website, including a brand new logo and various marketing materials.

Jolene now has full control of her own website content, and she’s able to update class schedules and availability on an almost daily basis through a great Content Management System built into a unique WordPress theme.

She also has integrated PayPal buttons, so that students can purchase spaces in the Purity Classes day or night.

The website performed so highly on natural Google search rankings, that for quite a while, her website performed better as a reseller for X-Pole, than the official X-Pole worldwide website!

This new web design features:

  • A simple, sleek design, with an easy to navigate layout, and contact details featuring on every page.
  • An integrated GoogleMap, with their location clearly shown (and the ability to get up-to-date directions, within the map).
  • A fully integrated blog, for easy expansion and detailing of the huge numbers of specialist hair coming through their doors.
  • Easy updates for the client, through an easy CMS system.
  • Support in selecting additional domain names

Minutes A Day (Package 2)

Minutes A Day
provide a range of professional training workshops into businesses, workplaces, and the public sector, around the UK and Internationally.

This website was built to showcase a basic portfolio of the workshops available, and features:

  • A fully integrated blog, the client can manage themselves, to update new client images and collections.
  • In integrated newsletter signup on every page

Xtra-Hair (Package 2)

provide Human Hair and Fibre Hair extensions in Berkshire.

This comparatively small, but updated site features:

  • A modern design (high street salon look), with an easy to navigate layout at the base of each page.
  • An integrated CMS system (Content Management System), so the user can edit any of the pages for themselves with WordPress.
  • A fully integrated blog, the client can also manage for themselves, to update news, features, special offers, etc.

FisCal Instrumentation (Package 2)


Fiscal Instrumentation is a sales company working within the oil and gas industry.

They needed a website that was easy to update, performing naturally on the search engines, and was easy and quick to use for their various high profile clients.

Photography by Jason Parlour (Package 1)


This was a quick build within WordPress, for the photographer.  A rapid way to showcase some of their work.  Utilising one of the open-source themes which was then modified at the hard-code level to adapt more effectively to the photographer’s style.

Dial-a-Massage (Package 1)


Dial-a-Massage was a simple website for the travelling professional massage therapist. A simple, clean, accessible design, that also performs well across multiple devices.

Utilising an existing open-source theme available within WordPress, adapted at the hard-code level for the needs of the client.

If you’d like to see your details on the page above, and of course high up on the search rankings through simple, cheap and effective techniques, do contact us.