We’re not just about websites (although it’s clearly the main part of our business).

  • Website Designing and Building (from scratch, or redevelopments)
  • Website Hosting (unlimited storage and bandwidth options)
  • Email Hosting and Forwarding (as many email accounts as you want)
  • Content Management Systems (where you can update your own website 24/7)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (naturally, no black art techniques)
  • Effective Pay Per Click advertising (on Google etc.)
  • Mailing List Management (for your various newsletters and updates)
  • Integrated Blogs (because it’s nice to have time dependant updates too)

We find that when we get to know our clients, they want us to complete various other tasks for them too.

We have therefore expanded our website services to include the following too:

Print Design

When we’ve got to know your business and the way you want to be presented, it often seems appropriate that clients ask us to put together printed materials.

Logo Design

We can put together some pretty simple and effective logos, on a realistic budget, based on your own requirements and/or previous design ideas.

Or if a complete re-brand exercise is required, we also work closely with some really excellent designers around the UK that we’ve carefully chosen, and worked with for years. These guys have worked with some of the biggest names, but because they’re working through us as supplementary work, they charge us the other overheads normally expected for designers of their calibre.


A great picture can do far more for your business than many people realise.

Of course there are billions of images available on the internet, but don’t make the mistake of just copying and pasting an image from someone else’s site, onto your own. Massive fines have already been charged to even some of the smallest companies for doing so.

All of our new clients now have access to a database of thousands of ‘royalty free’ images for free, as part of their hosting package. Similarly, for unique images just for you, Parlour.IT works closely with Photography by Jason Parlour to produce highly professional, and unique images, of you, or your business.  These can then be used on your website, your printed materials, and any marketing information, at very high resolution, at very reasonable fees.